"This is the only place where one can discover the real dynamics of the market. Anyone serious about trading should be here."

Z.G. – Hungary


There are lots of trading methods , but for me RTM is the only approach to understanding & trading the market.
It is the shortest way to gain complete understanding of the market, but it's not easy.
However, totally worth it.

from Indonesia


What you've shared here is beyond the things that I'm grateful for. Thanks is just not enough.
I'm only a human, beaten previously by the trading world to a place of deep depression, but somehow was led to this place then saw a light.  

I know for sure that some others will agree that this place is a light in the darkness of trading education scams.  What you've shared with us here, not only trading education, but also palebluedot knowledge about the world, woke me up to "see" a mess we are all in.

I would probably be still lost without this place, and more importantly without the members (you know who you are) here who've helped me so much in this 10 months.
All in all, we, who have gone through thousands and thousands of hours sweeping all forum posts with our sleepless pair of eyes and brains, know and understand what you've done here.

Big Thanks to you, as always

From Staurum


In the world of the derivatives market, where conmen are always trying to feed on the novice, false information is spread like a deadly virus, and the whole environment is so toxic. ReadTheMarket is such a breath of fresh air. Of course there is no easy route to success, but with dedication and perseverance the community will open your eyes to deceptions we are feed as well as the possibilities forex trading could bring into your life.  When you enter this community you will definitely begin to spot, the best opportunities and improve your trading accordingly. Ifmyante relaxed and informal way of teaching does make concepts easy to digest, and does not mind repeating explanations.



After many years of sifting through a lot of rubbish and trying countless methods on certain forex sites, I began to lose hope that no retail  trader could make consistent gains from this market. After investing in RTM it has given me ultimate HOPE that through hard work  and dedication it really is possible. You only have to see the amount of successful identical trades on RTM that are being taken (which is no coincidence).



Hello brothers on the path,

They say the mentor appears when the disciple is ready and if you are reading this it means you are ready to take your trading skills to the next level.

I discovered RTM in 2014, after a few years of navigating blindly through the dark stormy waters of Forex education out there, it was the lighthouse i needed to guide me to my new home. I was being overwhelmed by the gigantic amount of information on analysis variations when it came to understanding what was happening inside the charts that held the illusion of financial freedom with a few "good trades".As you can imagine it was the opposite of what really happened, i was overwhelmed by all the signals i got from different indicators and systems i found and tested.

If you are looking for a get rich scheme to a holy grail than honestly this is not the place for you.

Rtm is the place you can call home and hone your trading skills to a whole new level.Every mentor and member has a growth oriented mindset and will match your enthusiasm and curiosity with guidance and answers as long as they see you are committed and eager to learn.

It's not going to be easy...well because hard work is one of the most important variables for success. You have to work hard and take the wisdom and put your blood sweat and tears into it to make it work, adding your own flavor to the method of reading price that suits perfectly your personality and lifestyle.
And it's not going to be free...because first of all if it were free you would not appreciate and commit yourself to studying it 100% and because any well rigged machine needs fuel to move forward.

RTM-it comes from Read The Market but it also stands for Road To Mastery.

See you on the other side,


E.L. – Romania


"I am from India, working as a software engineer. I ended up creating a trading account in July 2016, while I was searching for a savings plan towards retirement and children’s education. Intention was to start an SIP (systematic Investment Plan) which required a DMAT account.
I was later introduced to one of the supply/demand course offered by the broker’s education partner. I was serious about it and being from the software sector learning new skills was a mandate to survive. It took no time to complete the course and get introduced as a bait to the IT’s. I used to constantly get stopped out. Luckily I neither had big capital nor took leverage to trade so wasn't bankrupt. This was when I started exploring about indicators as additional confirmation to my trades. My search ceased with RTM website. It was in December 2016 I got registered and I devotedly started reading the site during my off work hours at night.
I am truly amazed by the contents and structuring of RTM along with its mentors. This is a site which truly works on the principle of synergy 1+1=3. Members (juniors/seniors) help each other and all learn from each other. There is no other site that is as clear as RTM to me. Here one develops his/her own unique way of trading strategy as we work on our own charts. There are constant feedback which helps us correcting and developing all along.
I am still a learner yet to implement more advanced concepts of PA. I am very convinced that RTM is changing my way of reading the market. It would be unfair if I miss any of the master trades hence I did not name any. Hence thanks to all the master traders and keeping the site active master IF.
“Thanks for teaching us the way we want to”

~ mandrikan


RTM is about understanding the ultimate logic behind price. It is hard work, like anything else, music, science, sport, literature or pictural art.
You can use RTM and take 10pips SL trades for a 200 pips reward, you can also just use RTM to know when to reload your smart beta index tracker on a weekly chart. And you can use it for anything in between. It is all about your personality but the teaching is right just like biology is right.
1R is great; it is a 100% return on your investment. Better than any hedge fund.
I’m 52, read a few tons of books, lost money, made money but I will never see the market the same way now. I have been lucky enough to know RTM when it was free, I was very happy to pay the subscription because I know it is worth any penny (it is under-priced to be honest, pure value trade).
Whatever your trading style or the size of your account, I can only warmly recommend RTM. You will be challenged, you will learn new things, progress and most of all, meet with wonderful people.




I started my trading career in Dec 2014 as a curiosity, As I was having respectable job, So I decided to keep trading as my part-time business. As being science student technical analysis attracted me at first hand. My first broker I selected was Sharekhan being India's biggest broker. Well, I come to know about this broker when one of my friend was looking few scripts while watching market channel on television. Initially I just wanted access to Sharekhan software. but as soon as my account was opened I started going online and started digging in it's website. There I came to know about Online Trading Academy. Then I filled some kind form and then signed up for there free class. I wasn't just knowing that it was another marketing business involved in it. But I got some knowledge about what so called candlesticks. It was funny when I heard name candlestick, but being curious guy, again I started digging what is candlestick and later Candlestick patterns.

Until now I was well knowledge about market basic and the various technical concepts of analysis. but during my free classes I registered for Online Trading Academy and this was place where my technical analysis took a first step to what peoples call Professional analysis. I learned thing in OTA and also successfully applied all concepts and earned few profits but still not satisfied with my SL got hit most of the times. So, I was still pending with the question "WHY?" so I was searching each and every material regarding price action on internet.

And at last, my search and efforts gave me fruit as I found ReadTheMarket.Com website which is advance price action community freely available to everyone (in past) for those who come up with their "WHY?”. And this site gave kick start to my trading career. though applying all the concept was though challenge for me but it was mere a practice in front of screen was required. RTM satisfied every answer to my analysis. Initially, it confused me a lot and then it seems to be working but later again I left touch with these concepts due to laziness in analysis and again I started getting on backfoot.

But the Community and specially IF and master were so helpful and always available with full of support and new puzzles. They took away my boredom whenever required. Later master Sali pointed out more concepts more efficiently which were overlooked by me. Studying those concepts again gave kick start for my wisdoms and I was engaged back with 1 more step closer to real price action trading with more of my “WHY?” cleared this time! Now , whatever I’m advanced till the date with real game play of market , the traps, the buggers, the real herd, the setups already settled up for big news and events is due to this beautiful community and I cannot just give thanks but the word of praise for this community .

“Thanks RTM ! Keep growing !”


Prior to RTM I had been trading currencies for 6 years and had logged enough time with the screen to be slightly more profitable than not. I had tried many different methods and paid for education from various sources. Some of what I learned was worthwhile, most was not. I joined RTM 3.5 months ago. It has been the most impactful thing I've done in 6 years of trading.

Going over the RTM material, I've had many A-Ha moments. Fact is this is the only material I've found that works on all time frames from the tick chart to the monthly. That alone tells you the material gives a deeper understanding of the mechanics of the market. Also because trades can be planned in advance, entered with limit orders, and risk controlled; this helps substantially with the emotions of trading.

There are many things that make RTM great. Here are a few:

  • Experienced traders are present in the forums and are constantly helping. Most people would be surprised how many dead sites and threads will take your money even though the main guys are gone.
  • RTM forces everyone to digest the material through homework. Doing homework is where most of the A-Ha moments happen. Sadly, this is also why many people will still fail. There is no holy grail indicator or EA out there. Learning to trade professionally takes hard work.
  • Because the analysis works on all time frames, it is possible to trade higher time frames with limit orders. This is perfect for people who work full time.
  • It is possible to catch huge risk/reward trades. Having great r/r is definately one of the secrets to success here.
  • Honestly, I have absolutely no doubt this is the last bit of trading education I will ever need. I am saddened I didn't find this RTM sooner but so grateful I did find it.


Texas, USA


I first discovered RTM when I heard that IF was doing a webinar ‘The simple way to know where price will bounce.' You see, I had just been introduced 3 months into trading binary options and knew nothing about how to even place an order in forex trading. In trading binary options, I had a teacher who was using some modified resistance support indicator on the charts and that was pretty much all I knew(it was a boring and redundant thing to do that yielded no profit or learning: letting computer waves decide for you to your loss). When I saw how IF was interpreting price in such an excellent way without any indicators, my heart was won, I dove into RTM for a journey that has not disappointed. To find other really talented traders in RTM was just the icing. They provide just the right support to let my journey to truly understanding price movement unfold in a most natural way. It’s been almost a year in RTM and trading forex and I am now able to see some things on a naked chart that I am sure no university on earth could have ever taught to me. Finding RTM has been truly like discovering the “quantum physics” of price!

L.P Zimbabwe


........ when I learned that price moves from one area to another because of the institutional I immediately fell in love with how this is possible and now I'm here to find out any price movement in the market .. ......

F.S. Italy


it's 12 years now, i know about Forex, but it's only 2 months now i am understanding many concepts of market, and it's two weeks only i started trading RTM style, but so far not bad. my demo acc and real acc balance is above BE at the moment which i think for 1 month trading is great result. before RTM i tried many paid and many free courses, none of them gave me positive results.It's first time i am having minimum 2RR trades.even my loosing trades prove me that more than often every member of RTM has great analysis. The way IF explains every move is amasing.He explains market moves so simply, i think sometimes he has some magic tricks over the market)))) But again in his posts we can read, simple is not easy.After 1 month doing HW, my best trade was 16RR, my worst trade was 2RR. not bad, yeah?

M.R. Russia


Hi IF,

Hereby my testimonial. Really the least I can do after all you've done for us. :-)

I’ve been a member of RTM for quite some time now, and was one of the students of the first Academy Lite course.
If you’re looking for the best education about how the market works, and really want to be able to read the market, then look no further! IF is a really dedicated teacher, and wants everybody to succeed. He spends a lot of time in the forums to help everybody out wherever he can, and the same goes for the other RTM members. We have a really nice and friendly community of helpful people, all working together to achieve the same thing.
The Markepedia is a priceless part of RTM with a lot of articles and videos about how the markets work, and how you can master them. Over the past few months I’ve seen a lot of articles being updated and renewed (because of the even better understanding of the markets that IF gained), and there’s new information being added on a very regular basis.
Last but certainly not least it gives you the opportunity to work at something even bigger: becoming one of the fund traders, and become part of the fix the world desperately needs!


The Netherlands


After spending approximately 5 years in search for materials on how to trade for a living, I was close to giving up on trading for a living. I was enrolled in two other trading courses that were more expensive than RTM, but, in both cases, struggled to create consistent profits that I could take home to supplement my income. I just couldn’t obtain the consistency needed to maintain a steady, upward-sloping equity curve. I was about to throw in the towel, until I found RTM thread and IF in Forex Factory.

Now, coming from an electrical engineering background, I personally believe without a shadow of doubt, that every single thing in existence, from the tiniest to the largest of things, whether seen or unseen, has a grandmaster designer. When I found IF and he explained that there is zero chaos in the financial markets, I was instantly curious. There is somebody out there that actually knows the rules and the order in the markets. This person literally has the blueprints.

The best part about it is that IF was giving it away for FREE in puzzle format! This really sounds too good to be true. The fact that it changes into a subscription-based site that charges a relatively small fee doesn’t change the way I feel about RTM. The small fee can’t be compared to the sacrifices that IF have made trying to decipher the market code. I guess one would need to spend thousands of hours in front of charts and spend every waking second thinking about it. I wouldn’t even think it was humanly possible.

As for RTM materials, if we haven’t got the basics in the markepedia right, the puzzle pieces won’t fit. But then there is also a guide on how to understand the basics yourself. RTM calls this guide “Homework”. By doing enough homework, I assure you that somebody will eventually point out your mistakes and give you useful hints.

It has been approximately 6 months that I trained in RTM. I love the atmosphere here most of all. The learning process is not obstructed by testosterone and ego battles. A perfect learning site for those that want to get the truth of the markets. Everybody is helpful and respectful of each other. I’m still assembling the pieces together, while at the same time, fighting my inner demons as well. However, I trust that I’m in good hands in RTM. I trust that I will get there.

In RTM, I believe IF and the senior RTM members are creating trading warriors. Warriors are not born through spoon-feeding and spoiled treatment. Warriors learn to overcome all of their inner demons through self-discipline. Warriors perfect their skills through intense and focused training in imaginary, practice, and real battles. I truly believe that at the final point when we understand RTM materials to the fullest, we will become what the public call “the top 5% of traders who make it”.

Thank you IF (although I can’t thank you enough) and thank you all fellow RTM-ers. You all have been a real blessing for me.


Jakarta, Indonesia


I will begin by saying that from the early moments of discovering RTM, I already knew that RTM materials were going to be something of an HG for ME. I'm someone who is obsessed with getting down to the root of things be it trading or real life. It's not about using any tool for me, but using THE tools that help me get at the very fundamental mechanisms in the market. I believe RTM is the best when it comes to this. With time and a TON of practice I know I will reach where I want to get with my trading. Recent videos have shed even more light into the tools written about on Markepedia. IF I think you are a true warrior for continuing your work despite your illness. Kudos and best of health to you!

JN, India


I've been on an off from trading for 6 years without any success...i joined RTM 2 months ago and now I begin to see the market clearer than ever. I tried all kind of techniques from candle recognition from Steve to YouTube videos about pattern recognition oh and did I forget to mention I had like 1000 indicators... which most of them are still somewhere on my hard drive. However since I found RTM, i never looked back to search indicators.

Before RTM I had a plan to get rich by compounding. I would trade and try to earn about 100 pips everyday then end of the month the leftover I would risk is all on 1 trade. I want my balance to be round number :). Long story short my daily target from 100 pips to 15 pips...still I couldn't make it to be profitable by following trend etc...

I even was thinking night and day that to be successful in the forex I need to find the movements on HTC and enter pullbacks on LTF- result got stopped before they shoot away. Since coming to RTM I have thrown everything I learned from outside RTM aside. Of course I kept some retail thinking as where to get their stopped but recently I don't really know where their SL are...can only guess that's it's on recent highs or lows.

I can only say i know the RTM materials yet i don't know RTM materials. It's really a riddle and the only way to solve it is to work hard and look into the market with IT thinking. Which I am not there yet. However i want to thank ifmyante and RTM from bottom of my heart.




I have been 4 years trying to figure it out this trading thing, gone through indicators, patterns, volume, and tried different instruments indices, commodities, equity, forex. I did other courses before and even I learnt a lot, I was never able to make consistent profit.

Although I just started here, RTM homeworks have been already an amazing push forward. RTM homeworks really make you learn and develop skills to read the price. RTM is helping me put together what I learnt before, and it is giving me new insights. Like the market is opening up in front of my eyes and starts making sense.

There are great traders in the community, they do help you make your way through concepts. The more I work the more I learn, the community as a whole give me confidence that I will make it.

Thanks for such an awesome home.

VS, Spain


RTM has become kind of an electronic home now!

Or more like a train actually as everyone is on board and heading toward an objective. I'm not saying this is a steady road, RTM really is the hard path. This path is dedicated to people who aren't satisfied with being marginally profitable by playing statistics and using indicators and that kind of crap. RTM is a mountain, so if you want to climb it, be ready to sweat and free some time in your agenda!

By subscribing you'll find a access to some very priceless knowledge and concepts which will ask you thousand hours of charting to understand. You'll also find a great community of pepople who document their progresses and are willing to give you their point of view. Not to mention master traders which can sometimes drop some charts that will turn your trading world around in a sec.

Thanks to all of them for their dedication and support, we owe you a lot!





When I first came to RTM I was coming from FF (forex factory) and a system called the Sonic R System which was a system using 3 moving 34 ema´s to provide you with signals to trade the market. Never really made any money using this indicator based system. So it was a great relief finding RTM and discover that they dont use any indi´s at all – only price itself. Now as of today 2017 I am still studying the RTM consepts as they are made of pieces of a puzzle that you have to fit together for yourself and have made some great progress in learning how the market really works, One of the things I recommend and like about RTM is that it is a friendly community with a lot of helpfull people that will assist you if have a problem you cant solve, but you must have tried to solve it yourself first before you ask for help – which is totally fair. Thats the true and only way to learn and the right spirit.

H (hansma)



Hi everyone,

It's my turn.

My gratitude has been expressed many times. These are just some of it: www.tradingview.com/chart/DXY/genWm4Az-A...ADING-AS-A-BUSINESS/ readthemarket.com/index.php/en/forum/jou...ging?start=225#65610 readthemarket.com/index.php/en/forum/jou...ging?start=125#63600

A great testimonial usually showcases what benefits the participants get out of it, what things are better compared to other education venues, how good/effective/efficient the education is delivered, how responsive/helpful the teachers are, how good and how quick the results the participants achieve.

Many, incl. me in the above, have said enough about those things so I AM NOT GOING TO DO THAT.

Instead, i will say RTM (and therefore market charts) is now my 2nd home. RTM has opened my eyes to what "is really" happening in all aspects of our life and has opened the gate of my inner demon. This business is no joke. My dear good friend said "whoever manages to succeed in this business deserves a tremendous respect as a human being".

Make no mistake, when we go far enough, we for sure will meet/encounter our own inner monster that has followed us from childhood. The problem is, before even we can say "hi, how are you, what's your name" to it, it already understands us much better than we know it because we barely "notice" or "are aware" of its existence. Now this is just the start of our journey to "becoming a better human being" for the rest of our life. It does sound philosophical. well, it could be. but this is it. WELCOME TO REAL LIFE.



RTM is the only place in the world to learn trading! There's nothing real apart from RTM, only fake sites and false traders offering crazy indicators. Price does not move due to indicators, they came right after price, they're lagging. Price moves due to price moves in the past. And you'll get so many EUREKA moments on seeing it happening and recognizing it on the chart once this amazing price reading method will become yours.

I've spent so much time (and money) trying almost everything in the world in trading, but I'm lucky....finally I discovered RTM!

FranC (Italy)


I have mentioned in my journal I have paid for memberships over the years to many different trading education sites and forums. A few were straight up junk and a few were decent, but nothing like RTM. From my experience you can make a highly accurate estimation about the quality of a trading site based on some common traits:



*** Junk ***

These sites normally have active(ish) gurus. These sites tend to always be adding some new sizzle-- a new expert advisor, combined volume indicator, currency strength slope indicator, or adding something as a filter to xyz system which was already great to make it even better! They teach methods or systems but there is always a subjective reason why xyz system didn't work for a particular trade -- "The trade wasn't taken during the right session...The market was consolidating...It was during news...etc" Gurus regularly show winning trades but the paying members struggle to produce good results consistently. When asked about a planned trade in the future, the gurus normally will give vague answers like price is going to drop soon but it will go higher longer term. Or they will make a trade call but leave out important details like SL or TP placement. Later after the trade is finished they reference it proudly if it was a winner. But if it was a loser, they explain that they bailed early when it was obvious the market wasn't right. However they always seem to forget to communicate that part to anyone copying their trade.



*** Decent ***

These sites tend to have active communities of loyal members; however, the main guru(s) are glaringly absent. Most of these sites teach principals with some similarities to RTM but with different names. For example, Price Pivot Zones versus RTM's Swap Zones, 3 Drive versus Market Circle, or Upthrust versus Fake Out. They normally teach good general principles like don't trade during news or only trade around the edges of zones with tight stop losses. Their forums contain trading systems / methods which can be profitable assuming strict money management. Sadly, these systems never generate high enough returns to allow novices to overcome their shortcomings on the path to profitably. Because the main guru(s) are not present, it becomes a situation of the blind leading the blind. There is good basic education to be found in these forums, but it is incredibly rare to find someone who trades professionally full time as his income from what he learned on the site.


*** RTM ***

RTM is a different kind of breed. It is built around the idea that to teach something you need to truly understand it. So new members are given homework and more senior regular members are asked to comment and help correct it. When new member asks questions like a "decent site" a more senior member will answer the question. However and so important, IF (Main Guru) is on the forum daily. IF not only is active but steps in to correct the answers more senior members give if we are wrong. So RTM is not the blind leading the blind.

RTM teaches concepts that do overlap with some decent sites; however they teach other things that are only found at RTM and tie everything together so that it works from tick charts to monthly. Another huge thing that RTM has which is so rare --- long term profitable membership paying members! The gurus take great trades but so do regular members. There are more winning trades posted by the members than gurus. IF and others like to post charts on Facebook where they or a RTM member caught a 20R trade because the stop loss was tiny. Those trades are not bullshit. RTM is not easy to digest. Some of the concepts are foreign to what we learn other places. But it is real. A regular member seems to catch a 10 - 40 R trade every day or so. These aren't the gurus only like the "junk" sites. Last thing that makes RTM very different is that these trades have SL, TP and limit orders. You can trade during news, any session, any time frame. If your trade fails there is a specific reason that fits into the RTM teaching like not waiting for an engulf of a flag limit.

If you are like me and have spent years and thousands on trading education, you should try RTM. Signing up will not guarantee your success, the homework and concepts are difficult. This means many people will give up to pursue the "holy grail." However, for the dedicated who are well on their way to the necessary 10,000 hours to master a subject, you need to join RTM. It is sickening that I spent my first 6 years trying so hard when RTM was here with solutions to deliver on the dream all retail traders share.

IF I wanted to express my overwhelming gratitude to you and RTM. I have lifetime memberships on multiple "decent" sites and I was saddened to learn that 2 of them have in effect died due to lack of guru involvement. It got me thinking about how special it is that we have you and the other Master traders here and active.

Ryan Spaulding, aka Rinehart on many other sites


hey it's my time , hey guys ,

RTM is a great galaxy, the same as world ,thank you RTM,thank you Ifmyante. i don't talk about all those opp that IF gave me , it's obvious for every one RTM helped me a lot in learning , in not being alone in life, in my financial life and everything . IF you are really so generous.i know that and i am thankful to you IF. but i want to talk about something else also trading is nothing really nothing , i didn't need trading at all in my life , i could do everything else,every business was ready for me to start , maybe i could continue my university and working as a power electrical engineer for all my life and then die. but RTM is something different, it's a unique way, you know? no one can make apple greater, i think it's done by Steve , you know , he finished it , the new CEO is just changing the platform or the size or i don't know something like CPU . Steve created it simple.that's why apple is sexy. i believe that RTM has the same future even better and greater bcz of these reason: when you want to trade an opp there is only one opp in a scale in that time. I can review GOLD chart in monthly to H4, i can not find more than 2 OPP in monthly (one for short and one for long position,2 opp in daily(one for long and one for short positions), being Unique in trading means this. your duty is to trade well not to trade always. when you have an strategy that hold you on psychological and money management aspects too that strategy is unique, bcz you don't need to follow them .it has written before in the strategy itself , imagine yourself in a war that you don't need shield to save you bcz you know everything about your opponent if you follow some rules.


Thank you IF and others .




Hi, everybody. My history has begun since 2014.

I have found RTM website accidentally. At that time I didn't understand the market, I was a beginner, didn't realize importance and the value of information. Having a little wandered on a forum I have thought that it not mine. I have gone to open spaces of the Internet, found a set of information from which the head hurt, I had problems with nerves, I have spent many counters for various Graali and trade systems. After last "training" I have decided to look at this forum what here to be created. and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have decided that I will become the member of RTM too.

Who what didn't tell, there will always be those who will belong with mistrust. This their right. For myself I have decided that better than RTM I will find nothing. Ifmyante thanks for what supports each participant. His messages motivate to advance further and further. And also, other masters who send to the correct party. Yes, it is difficult! Yes, it isn't easy! As a result, "will master the road going". I don't earn millions. I don't even earn $100 a month. But I know that with this information and with desire to study it is possible to change itself and the world around.