Why RTM?


The derivatives market is part of the biggest business in the World.


If you're to understand the market, you must understand that it is run like all of the other nefarious industries. It's run by the manipulation of the hopes and fears of the masses, with massive doses of propaganda.


The internet is littered with misinformation about how the market works. Some of this rubbish is created by well-meaning individuals who have no idea what they're talking about. Some, by charlatans who're trying to make a quick buck, and more are brought to you by the people who run the market, teaching you how to deposit your money into their pockets.


Well, RTM is here to rebel against all the lies and get you out of the herd mentality.


We're here to teach you to watch the manipulation of hope and fear, and enter trades where the rest of the herd have put their stops.


Where the best of the rest teach Supply and Demand (and maybe candle formations) as the pinnacle of trading knowledge, we start there, and move forward, on to Real Price Action. Price Action is what we use to see what price is going to do at those Supply and Demand Key levels, and beyond. And you'll be able to see which Supplies and Demands are set up to fail!


We can't promise to make you millionaires. However, for those of you who're meant to be traders; those of you who can think critically, and see that the emperor has no clothes, this is the place to learn to trade.