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Q1. What is ReadTheMarket.com?

Q2. You mentioned "homework". How is this done? Who will help me?

Q3. Will there be hand-holding? I need personal tutoring. I need to learn fast, I don't have the time.

Q4. I am working a full-time job and also have a busy time with family. How realistic is it that I can study and learn your method?

Q5. What will I need to do my homework and communicate with my fellow students and seniors?

Q6. I don't have a windows machine, will I have any problem?

Q7. English is not my first language, will I have a problem understanding?

Q8. The fee is expensive for my country. I cannot join.

Q9. How would you describe RTM's way of trading?

Q10. What is the duration of the subscription? What is the payment method? How do I find more info about signing up?

Q11. What is your refund policy?

Q12. How do I set up the 2-step verification process for logging into my account?


A1. ReadTheMarket.com or RTM (for short) is a website with a unique way to read the market.

It consists mainly of two parts; a learning place that we call "Markepedia" and a forum. Markepedia is our very own market encyclopedia. It contains lessons covering all you need to understand price movement and trade it profitably. The lessons have images for better understanding. Some have video. Most require you to do "homework" and here comes the forum part. These lessons have links to specific threads where you can discuss the lesson and upload your charts and homework. This method has worked well, everyone who has put in the required work has benefited greatly in his understanding of price movement and how to trade it. 


RTM was free in the past but that had to change. Read here "Why RTM HAD to change".


A2. So as we said, certain lessons have links to specific threads in the forum where they are discussed, charts/homework posted and questions asked and answered. Mainly answering your questions will be done by other fellow students that have already a good understanding of the lesson. We encourage "Learn by Teaching" but if we see the need to intervene and correct posts then we will. By going through the existing threads you will see that most of your questions have been asked before and already answered. As we said before, this method has already worked well, and want to keep it this way.


A3. The purpose of RTM is to provide the learning material. Then it is up to you to put in the time, do your homework, interact in the forum, apply it to the charts, make the lessons "yours". Only through your study you will understand how price moves and what you need to do to be a successful trader. As we said there will be no hand-holding and no personal tutoring. This is NOT the RTM Academy and this is also why it doesn't cost the €24,997 that the Academy charges. As yet, there are no webinars in RTM like in the Academy. If you are looking for personal tutoring, then RTM is NOT the place for you. But, if you want the best education, it is. IF has already answered in RTM all the questions you could ever ask. You just have to find them. Also, our philosophy of learn by teaching, has always had students improving their skills by answering the queries of newer members.


A4. You can go through the learning material and homework at your own pace. This is not an Academy classroom where the group was required to go at a certain pace as the lessons timeline progressed. In RTM you SHOULD go at your own pace. Neglecting your family and/or work is always a bad idea and will only bring you more pressure and unhappiness. It's always best to keep balance in your life while you try to learn something new.


A5. Requirements are a basic understanding of how to post in a forum, how to grab screenshots, and mark them (draw lines and put comments) mainly. This will help you communicate your ideas better and get the right feedback.


A6. The problem you may have, if you are not a windows user, will be with the video lessons. We have encoded the video player inside the site, where the video cannot be copied or downloaded to ensure our material doesn't float around the internet forever. The fewer people know about our method, the better. So if you are not using windows yourself you will have to find a windows machine from a friend and watch them there or try one of these solutions.


 A7. Most of our lessons have charts so they are quite self-explanatory. This is why we also want you to be able to mark and use charts in your forum interaction. If people from other countries offer to do so, we welcome the idea to have Markepedia Articles translated in many languages. The video lessons are available in English only. So a decent understanding and use of English is good to have. Many of our students have learned English through studying RTM, so take this as an opportunity to learn the international language.


A8. We have done our best to price RTM to be affordable for everyone throughout the world, regardless of countries. Our fees are final and must be paid in full upfront.  There are no discounts and no payment plan. To trade, you will need the money and the same goes for education. You will lose a lot more in the market if you don't have a good "base".


A9. Put simply, RTM traders are StopLoss traders.
We understand the propaganda used to manipulate retail traders into handing over their stops.
We watch price approach our (easy to find, with a lot of practice) levels, looking for signs that the retailers are being invited to trade in the right direction, too early, so that by the time price pushes to our level, the retailers will have been too stressed to hold their trades.
This is where the more advanced RTM traders enter; at the tops and bottoms.
Our learners will wait for price action confirmation upon reaction to the level, and enter on the retrace.
We love pinpoint entries, selling at the extreme high, and buying at the extreme low.
Once mastered, our trading becomes as close to risk-free as it’s possible to get.

You can check for yourself if our method resonates with you before joining.  Watch some of our videos on our Youtube channel.


A10. The duration of the subscription is for one year, after which you must renew your subscription if you wish to continue your study in RTM and have access to all RTM Learning Material. Refunds are not possible. Paypal is our payment processor which can handle credit cards and e-checks also. We also take payments in Tether. For more information regarding registration go HERE


A11. RTM does not have any refund policies.  All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.  All sales are final as full access is granted to all RTM educational materials and forum threads that enable immediate consumption by the Buyer(Subscriber) and therefore, the product/service is not "returnable" or eligible for a refund.  All membership cancellations are final and non-refundable.


A12. You can download the instructions for setting up the 2-step verification process for logging into your RTM account HERE

If you somehow missed setting up the 2-step verification process initially when you first logged into your account, you can do so under the Members' Profile menu inside RTM.  Inside the Member's Profile, you should be able to see the "Edit Profile" button.  Click on that and then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the 2-step verification setup.