Welcome back to RTM!


As you probably already know, we were closed for a few years, as I got fed up of seeing my more rubbish students setting themselves up as "gurus", and selling my work as their own.


Funnily enough, it's for that very same reason that I'm opening RTM again!


On a daily basis, I've been getting far too many messages from people asking me to explain what this or that guru meant in this or that lesson. It's been frustrating to see how poorly my work is being taught. I get even more messages simply asking me to reopen RTM, as they either missed out on joining while the site was live before or simply miss their old trading home.


If you don't know what RTM is, what the hell have you been studying all this time? Indicators? Fibonacci? Trendlines? Trends? Supply/Demand? The tiniest bit of objective study will show you that all these things are utter rubbish, designed to give you hope, so you'll gamble and lose all you have.


Have you heard of the Flag Limit, the FTR, the BSZ, the Zone Engulf, the IF/Then Rule, the LSK? These concepts, and others I've forgotten to mention, all came from my work in RTM, and boy are they being taught really badly by other people!


So, by popular demand, RTM is back! It's essentially unchanged from how it was before, just modernised in the presentation. I'm reliably informed that RTM helped a lot of people become very wealthy, so I see no need to change it. Those of you who have what it takes to be great traders, will pick up all you need here, and avoid years of travel down the wrong paths. Those of you who love the thrill of gambling will succumb to your inner demons, and forever lose.


Whoever says "anybody can be a great trader" is either a charlatan, or a fool, or both. When you get into the market, you're going up against the World Champions, in a fight which is rigged in their favour. If you don't fully understand the game they play, they will beat you down. You need to be smarter than them, for a start. That's not too high a bar though, as they've been comfortably playing the same tricks for centuries. Their edge is that they know the masses, and they've taught the herd exactly where to put their entries and stops. When you hear "everybody knows you should enter here with stops there", you should strongly consider putting your entry where everybody else is putting their stops. Common knowledge kills accounts!


Old RTM made very little money. While it was free, it made nothing, of course. While it was a paid site, it was competing with knockoffs, run by people who put far more time, and far fewer scruples, into marketing, than I. I don't believe RTM will make more than enough to pay a moderator, so please don't expect me to be there at your beck and call. There's no need for that anyway, as in RTM I've already answered every question you could possibly ask. I will, however, be watching your progress, and will let you know when you're going off track. Should it surprise me, and take all the students from the fake gurus, my conscience will of course tell me to give quid pro quo. Should you want to get my undivided attention, and dedicated mentorship, there's always RTM Academy.


RTM has always been a friendly, caring community, where everybody leaves their ego at the door, and learns by helping others through learning by teaching. I feel quite sure that the spirit of RTM will carry on smile.