What you find inside RTM


Education Materials in Written and Video Format under Markepedia

Table of Content

I.   Read Me First

II.  Markepedia Road Map

III. The Basics (5 lessons)

IV. Reading the Market (1 lesson)

V.  Price Action

      • The Past (7 lessons)
      • The Approach (5 lessons)
      • The Reaction (6 lessons)


      • Video lessons are taken from RTM Academy Lite Course (valued at €1,275)

VII. Trading Psychology

      • Managing Expectations


The Forum

I.   Community of members with various levels of RTM knowledge who are learning, teaching, and learning by teaching other students

II.  Interaction of students, sharing their knowledge, input, and feedback with each other

III.  Journals - the heart of the forum are Journals of everybody who mastered the market under's IF tutelage. Studying them makes new masters.

Inside RTM, IF has already answered every question that can possibly be asked.

IV. Homework assignments are posted and feedback is provided by the community of students


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