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    • gizzo's Avatar
    • Fishing in the Moneyriver - A neverending story
    • Quote: When you want to buy, add in the price you want to buy + spread. When you want to sell, use the price you want to sell (without needing to plus spread) Because the chart we are seeing in metatrader is bid price (the price which will be used when you want to sell) and the buying price (Ask Price) is the price we see in chart + spread Ask price could be turn on in metatrader. Yes mate, It reached the level in a bad time at the day when the spread was wider:/
    • In Members' Journals / Journals
    • Last post by gizzo
    • Today 07:57
    • Bodostock's Avatar
    • Amit's Journal and Trading Practice
    • Quote: [attachment] Hi, may i ask - Isn't RBR a demand? how come is short term supply? Also, the "FTR origin" written in the chart ? What does that mean by origin? The origin of the move to the upside? Isn't the origin of the move at the bottom somewhere around 9th July 12:00? Thanks!
    • In Members' Journals / Journals
    • Last post by Bodostock
    • Yesterday 17:58

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